Into the Arts Quad (2018)

Based on the Broadway musical Into the Woods, in this year’s McMaster Engineering Musical we follow the story of 5 groups of Engineering students whose lives twist and tangle in the most mysterious place at McMaster: The Arts Quad. Baxter and Emily are trying to get into their capstone course after being put on academic probation by Dr. Bella Donna, an Engineering professor who dreams of joining the faculty of Health Sciences and finally being recognized. Baxter and Emily must enter the stories of Ruby a bright-eyed first year engineering student, Cindy a new transfer student trying to fit in, Jackson an engineering student who has failed first year four times in a row, and Dr. Bella Donna’s research assistant, Marigold. Through a night of song and dance, the fates of these eccentric characters will be determined and they may find out that happily ever afters don’t always last for forever.

Dr. Wonka (2017)

It’s her final year at McMaster, and Charlie just can’t seem to get her grades up. Despite tough classes and a lazy capstone group, Charlie makes the best of her time in Engineering by working hard and helping out friends. When the mysterious professor, Dr. Wonka announces an academic contest for a tour of his esteemed technology lab, Charlie finds new motivation to achieve for a chance to meet her hero. By a sweet stroke of luck, she and her best friend Jean are given the opportunity of a lifetime to see inside the lab with four other eccentric whiz kids…but will Dr. Wonka’s lab be as delightful as imagined, or will the tour take a sour turn for the students?

The Legend of Hercules (2016)

Herc is eager to begin his first year of Engineering at McMaster University. When he finds that he struggles to fit in with his peers, a mysterious encounter with the eccentric Dean of Engineering leaves him inspired to follow a new path. With his best friend Peggy by his side, and armed with some interesting facts, Herc sets out to become a True Engineer. Helping him along his journey is a bitter upper year student, who brings Herc from zero to hero in the face of monstrous midterms, mischievous TAs and an alluring artsie. Little do the students suspect that a more sinister threat is near. Togo Salmon, the Dean of Arts, wants nothing more than Eng to fall and Arts to reign supreme at McMaster. With only Herc in his way, Togo will stop at nothing to execute his plan. Can Herc go the distance and become a True Engineer, or will an interschool engineering competition leave Mac Eng in ruins?

Tilda (2015)

Tilda is a bright young girl who wants nothing more than to go to school. There's just one problem: her parents. Faced with a lifetime working at the family business, Tilda begins to lose hope that she'll ever be able to realize her dreams. When her wish is suddenly granted, Tilda enters the world of McMaster Engineering: meeting new friends, learning amazing things, and getting to know the crazy faculty members. Unfortunately, between the machinations of a power-hungry Dean and a devious scheme designed to bankrupt the students, Tilda and her friends will soon realise that the Engineering curriculum isn't the only thing she'll need to overcome in order to get through the year.

Snow White and the 7:1 Ratio (2014)

Come one, come all! Hear a magical tale
Of a girl named Snow White, a brilliant female.
She attends McMaster, a dark, dismal land
Where the Dean is quite evil, and the food oh so bland!

The Dean, you should know, is the smartest of all,
And those who say different, she’ll kick in the balls.
But on one fateful day, the Dean learns the truth
Snow White was smarter, with her brains and her youth.

The Dean is upset that Snow was so bright
And then orders for her to be removed from her sight
Snow White needs to hide in the land of math and beers,
But will she be safe from the Dean with 7 quirky engineers?

The Bounds of Music (2013)

Mary is an upper-year ArtSci student who just doesn’t fit in with her faculty. After seeking the guidance of the wise faculty advisor Ms. Andrews, Mary is convinced to make an unconventional change – she decides to drop one of her ArtSci courses to take an Engineering course instead! Soon Mary finds that Engineering is not at all what she expected. The course she takes is so difficult that all but seven students have dropped out. It’s up to Mary to help her classmates succeed against a barrage of endless assignments, impossible tests, and a T.A. who doesn’t care. But a larger threat is looming… the professor of the course will stop at nothing to see his students fail. Little do they know, the professor has a devious plan of his own…

The Eng King (2012)

As a first year student, Simon is eager to make his mark in McMaster Engineering. With guidance from the current Eng King, Simon learns that it is his destiny to one day rule Eng Land. But a dark shadow looms over JHE, as the Eng King's brother has plans to steal the crown for himself. When tragedy strikes, Simon is forced to flee from his home, where he meets two new friends who teach him how to live life to the fullest. After watching Eng Land descend into chaos, Simon's friends and classmates need their true King to return. Will his friends be able to convince him to take his rightful place as King? Or will darkness envelop Eng Land forever?

The Whiz (2011)

I have a feeling we're not in high school anymore! Dora has big plans until she mysteriously wakes up one day in the strange and crazy land of Mac Eng. Wanting to go home, she seeks the help of the famed lifetime student, the Whiz. Along her travels she meets some friends who would also like the Whiz's help, but will they make it to ETB before the evil Professor Moulton does away with them?

Artsy and the Geek (2010)

Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a man renowned for his good looks, charm, and popularity. However, he was also known for his short temper and harassment of those he deemed below him. On his birthday, he decided to throw a party, for himself. As he was accepting his numerous gifts at the door, a lowly nerd wanted to join the party, and when it was his turn, he gave the man a Fireball Rose. The man outrightly rejected the nerd, deeming him and his gift "uncool". The nerd warned the man that he and his gift were not what they seemed, and were more valuable than their appearances. But still, the man again rejected the nerd, and would not let him enter. The nerd revealed that he was actually, a "pretty cool dude", and a terrible curse was placed upon the man. The curse could only be broken by the acceptance of girl, and her invitation to a party. He left for university soon after, and has waited in John Hodgins Castle for the opportunity to break that curse year in, and year out. But who could ever learn to love... a Geek?

Mathemadness (2009)

Kyle has just started his first day at McMaster University. He did pretty well in High School math and physics and he kind of liked it, sort of, and so he chose to pursue a life in engineering leave his small hometown for the bright lights of Hamilton, Ontario. Although a bit nervous, Kyle is excited to make new friends, learn new things, and eat ungodly amounts of Raman Noodles. What Kyle doesn’t know is that his world is about to be inverted. Like a matrix. Or that movie, “The Matrix” (man, that would have made a great play). That is to say, nothing Kyle has ever experienced has prepared him for the road that lies ahead of him at McMaster with the arrival of a new presence so heinous and dreadful that the very fabric of the school, and engineering with it, is in jeopardy of tearing apart.

The Transducers (2008)

Ten years ago, McMaster engineers were about to make history and completely revolutionize the world. This is the story of Tina and Jess; two engineering students tired of the daily grind of life at Mac and constantly dreaming of escape to the sunny beaches of Rio. Not able to take it anymore, they came up with a simple plan: take out a huge loan from some legitimate financial backers, put on an abysmally horrific show based on a notorious physics professor, then whisk away with the money to beautiful Rio. But what happens when your show becomes a smash success? Ten years later, we have an answer. The first semi-historically (in)accurate Mac Eng Musical in history, featuring hilarious and memorable characters, the most elaborate dances to date and a completely different show within!

The Nightmare Before Exams (2007)

Jack was the most popular and successful person in all of engineering. He aced all his classes, ran the best frosh weeks, and could drink anybody under the table. Jack had it all, but he wasn’t happy. Somewhere deep in his soul he longed for something different, something new, something to fill the hole in his life. Then one night, quite by accident Jack stumbles across the most peculiar thing he has ever seen: The Arts Quad! Immediately infatuated with all he sees Jack sets out to make arts his own and bring it to the rest of the engineers for them to enjoy. Its not long before his misguided enthusiasm leads him to his grand plan of improving the arts! A plan with consequences! Will the consequences be disastrous? Dire? Catastrophic? Or will they be splendid and serendipitous? Well that’s what you pay the ticket price for people.

Hooke (2006)

Wendy is an energetic idealistic Engineering frosh when she first arrives at Mac but after a while she begins to feel crushed under the weight of assignments and tests. Near the breaking point, she asks herself if this is really what engineering life is all about? Then as if on cue (mostly because it IS on cue) a drunken engineer named Peter Pan –the boy who never graduates— stumbles through her residence room window and shows her what university life is really all about: drinking, partying, having fun and taking classes over and over and over and over and over again. After all, what’s the rush to graduate? Peter and his rag-tag group of perpetually failing lost students, then whisk Wendy away on a magical tour of the Engineering party-scape...without ever actually leaving the stage! That’s the magic of theatre, folks! The evil Professor Hooke and his army of TA pirates, however, have a very different plan for Wendy. Intent on not losing his job due to gross incompetence Hooke plots to kidnap Wendy and turn her into his star student! Now Peter and the Lost Students must out-smart and out-drink Hooke and his TAs to get back their Wendy back!

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